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Dry Cleaner's Čechtická offers high quality washing, cleaning, mangling and hand ironing of all kinds of laundry. We are a small family dry cleaner's and we feel strongly about our work so you needn't worry about leaving your laundry with us. We wash and iron separately for each customer so your wash can never be mixed with someone else's. You don't need to worry about delivery to our shop either. We can pick up the laundry and hand over clean according to client's wish, at their place, in the office or any other place.


"When I used to work as a manager in top-class hotels, I had to wear perfectly ironed shirts. As a manager, I didn't have much time to travel to dry cleaners', back and forth, have my shirts ironed, and so I started ironing them myself. Suprisingly, this activity became the perfect way of relaxation for me. I completely fell in love with ironing and started ironing for others as well. However, the work kept coming and started to be a bit much for me. In 2010 I founded a small family dry cleaner's and hired a few kind, hardworking and very conscientious ladies. There are no barriers in our dry cleaner's. The majority of our workers are handicapped people. I would like to transform the dry cleaner's into a sheltered workshop because I am very aware of the situation of disadvantaged people for whom it's hard to ge work.


"Even though many people see ironing and doing laundry as a hobby, my experience showed me that one can lose a lot of time by doing it, and this time could be used much more effectively. That's why today I try to persuade the people around me to put down their irons and ironing boards and go to the cinema instead, spend time with their families and friends, because their laundry can be taken care of, as if it was our own!"

Vladimír Lambl


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